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August 27, 2016

Top Ten Bridal Room Decorations | Wedding Night Room Decorations

Top Ten Bridal Room Decoration
Wedding day is a day of pleasure, happiness, love and wishes. Thus everybody wants his/her wedding looks beautiful and different. Nowadays there is a competition among families to arrange and celebrate their weddings in a unique way and that is a very basic reason that everybody is entering into different surprises. However groom and grooms family want to create more surprises when the bride enters in the home. The room of the bride keeps a top priority in this context, thus the whole family of the groom wants to decorate the bridal room in different and unique way. Keeping in view the importance of your most important event and your love for your life partner, we are providing you the best and latest bridal room decoration.
1. Bridal room decoration with curtains and flowers
This is the latest decoration of bridal room that is very popular nowadays. You can put flower basket at different corners of the room and hand net curtains around your bed. You can also put ribbon bows on the corner of the curtain but try to match the color of ribbon with flowers or bed sheet. If you want to give simpler and decent touch, put a long stem of same color of real flowers, avoid rose, filled with fresh green leaves on the bed. Don’t forget the color of your bed sheet while deciding the color of flowery stem.

Beautiful bridal room decor at the wedding with curtains

1-bridal room decor with curtains and flowers

2. Bridal room decoration with flower and colored net
You need a long colored net but of same color to produce wonderful image in your room. Tie it along the sides of your bed but in bow style or make it descending from the middle.Make sure you are not destroying the harmony of the colors of the room while picking the colors of your choice. At every ascending corner of that net you can put flowers or flowery stands. Spread the petals on the bed and roof as they look more enhancing.

Bridal room decor flowers and colored net

2-colored net and flowered decor of bridal room

3. Curtain style bridal room decoration.
If you want to give your room more colorful or chunky funky look, try different color of lights and curtains (be they net or any thin cloth) in your room. Put different type of flowers around your bed, on curtains or even on the walls. Don’t disturb the harmony of the room’s colors.

Curtain Style BridalRoom

3-Multi-colored curtain style bridal room decor

4. Traditional flower layers decoration
You can not the old trendy and traditional styles while decorating your room. If you don’t want to fill your room with decoration stuff, just add roses, or any flower you like, layers in your room. Hang all these layers on the top of the roof and then leave the other ends. They will spread around the bad making a triangular shape from all sides.

flowery and traditional decoration

4-Flowery and traditional bridal room decor

5. Formal decoration of bridal room
You like decent, simple and formal decoration! No need to worry as we are also giving you the best idea for this. Just make a shape of heart with colored or same color petals on your bed. You can lit different colored candles to produce very romantic image. Don’t forget to play a romantic music in your room on wedding night.

decent and simple bridal room decor

5-decent and simple bridal room decor

6. Latest bridal room decoration
This section includes flowery settings but in a unique and different way. Tie different rods or flower stands at the corner of the beds. Make a roof of the bed with colored net and put heavy baskets filled with flowers on those stands. You can also add pearls while making a roof.

complete flowery setting bridal room

6-latest flowery setting of bridal room

7. Modern Bridal room decoration
This needs to know about the latest trends. Make a top of your bed with flowers, pearls, net or draperies. Put some colored balls wrapped in wrapping papers and tie them with ribbons. Spread the flower on the bed or you can write anything on your bed from these petals. Lit the candles or switch on the side lamps to dive romantic image.

plain and elegant bridal room setting

7-modern and elegant setting bridal room

8. Flower basket traditional decoration
Tie the rods at the corner of your bed just as you are making stage and roof. Make the roof with the layers of flowers and drop some layers from all side sides of the bed as you are making entrance of flowers. Put huge size flower baskets at all corners of the bed. Try to create and manage the whole decoration as you are creating a flowery garden.

flower layers and bucket settings bridal room

8-flower layers and bucket settings

9. Unique decor bridal room
This is really a unique decoration as the bed is settled on the floor and not only flowers but petals also spread on the floor. The whole walls are covered with curtains. Candles are lighted in the whole room to create a romantic image. Put juice and wine glasses in your room. Play romantic song on your wedding night.

latest bridal room sttings

9-unique decor bridal room

10. Versatile petal setting bridal room
This whole decoration needs only petals. Spread the petals on the floor as you are making carpet of those petals. Make different shape of those petals on your bed and adjust some petals in such a way that when your bride sits on the bed, petals start dropping on her. This will give wonderful image.

latest petal setting bridal room

10-versatile setting bridal room


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