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August 26, 2016

Top Ten Signs that She Likes you, Signs of Love by Women

Top Ten Signs: She Likes You
It’s a good feeling when you attract towards someone special but you may also suffer from anxious feelings, wondering if the other person also feel same for you or not. The feeling that someone wants you and loves you very much makes you happy and confident. Girls show their feelings in encrypted forms and it is the duty of boys to decrypt those codes. A girl talks with a boy, when she wants to know about him for getting close. If a girl maintain eye contact with you for a long time then its mean that she is interested in you. Here is the list of top ten signs for boys to know whether she likes you or not. If she likes you then she will show following signs:

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1. She cares for you
2. Her eyes set on you and only you
3. She exposes the every single thing of her life
4. She touches you often
5. She likes spending time with you
6. If you’re with other girls she gets jealous
7. She admires you often
8. She laughs at your stupid jokes
9. Inquires about your personal life
10. The SMS game

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