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August 25, 2016

Top Ten Worst Computer Viruses, Most Dangerous Computer Worms in the World

Computer viruses are those harmful programs which are destroyed or steal your computer data. The term computer virus is very broad and it includes many other related terms. Computer viruses can be nightmare for you because it can destroy all the information on your computer, stop your network or turn your computer into abnormal machine. According to survey in 2008 computer viruses contributes to $8.5 billion in consumer losses. Although there are hundreds of worst computer viruses but following is the list of top ten worst computer viruses. This list contains top 10 dangerous computer viruses in the world.

Top Ten Worst Computer Viruses in the world
10. Melissa: This dangerous computer virus is developed by a man named ‘David L Smith in 1999. It spread through e-mail.
9. ILOVEYOU: In 2000 this worst virus hit the internet which started from Philippines. It was a standalone program or worm capable of replicating itself.
8. The Klez Virus: It was debuted in late 2001 and plagued the internet for several months. This worm infected the victim’s computer through email.
7. Code Red and Code Red 2: In summer of 2002 these two deadly viruses attacked the internet and computers. Both exploited the weaknesses of operating system of computers especially Windows 2000 and Windows NT.
6. Nimda: Spell admin backward and you will find Nimda. This worst virus hit the internet in 2001 and at that time it was the fastest propagating computer virus. Primary target of Nimda Virus were internet servers and real purpose was to halt the internet traffic.
5. SQL Slammer/Sapphire: This web server virus spread in 2003 across the internet. It crashed the many important servers which includes The Bank of America’s ATM service.
4. MyDoom: In 2004 this deadly computer virus attacked the PC’s and operating systems of PC. Even after the virus stop spreading, the backdoors created during the initial infections remains active.
3. Sasser and Netsky: A 17 year old German Sven Jaschan created this deadly computer virus which greatly harmed the internet. It attacked the computers while exploiting the vulnerabilities of Microsoft Windows.
2. Leap-A/Oompa-A: It attacked the Mac computers in 2006. It spread rapidly in the Mac systems using IChat instant messaging program. Although Apple computers are considered as most safe around the world but this deadly virus prove that notion wrong.
1. Storm Worm: This most deadly computer virus attacked in 2006 through e-mail. There are different names of this virus i.e. Symantec called it Peacomm while McAfee called it Nuwar. Storm Worm is basically a Trojan horse program and it turned the computer into zombies or bots. It fooled the victims into downloading the application through fake links.
Above mentioned are the top ten worst computer virus ever discovered. Although there are hundreds of other deadly computer viruses around but these are rated as most deadly computer viruses by industry experts.


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